Which Exercise Bike?

Welcome to the Exercise Bike Planet website.  We pride ourselves on having information for people who want to know which exercise bike best when looking for the cheapest online deals or the stationary bike to best suit your fitness goals, weight, or targets.  Feel free to navigate around the rest of the website and read all the best exercise bike reviews that we have to offer.

Alternatively if you want a quick and easy guide to the best exercise bikes then check out the links below that we have sourced on Amazon (who incidentally have the cheapest deals typically on all models).

Which Exercise Bike is Best for Losing Weight?

Weight loss is one of the primary reasons to buy an exercise bike.  Below are some very effective fat burning and cardio vascular calorie burning models.  If you’ve heard of spinning then you will know how good pedalling in short sustained bursts can be to help you lose weight and get fit.  Here’s a short selection of the best exercise bikes of 2011 and those set to win awards in 2012 which are the best ones to lose weight with.

Which Exercise Bike is Best for Bad Knees or Bad Backs?

Due to the sitting position people typically take when pedalling on an exercise bike, it can sometimes be very painful for those who have bad knees, back problems, arthritis, and similar problems.  However, workouts on bikes can offer some fantastic remedial properties – but as a general rule of thumb a recumbent exercise bike will offer a more comfortable ride for users who are experiencing joint and back pain.  Below are some very cost-effective and cheap recumbent exercise bikes that are best for bad knees and bad backs.

Which Exercise Bike is Best for Very Overweight People?

You might notice when looking at some models that they have a maximum weight threshold.  If this is becoming an issue then try instead looking at recumbent exercise bikes.  These tend to sit closer to the floor and let the user sit in a reclined position – and the issues over weight become less so – however, be advised that they can be more expensive than stationary upright bikes.  Check the links out below for a few recumbent exercise bikes that are best for overweight people.

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