V-Fit MPTCR2 Programmable Recumbent Magnetic Cycle Review, Cheapest Deals and Best Prices

We have the cheapest V-Fit MPTCR2 Recumbent Magnetic Cycle prices online so you can get the best online and cheap deals on V-Fit recumbent exercise bikes.  We’ve also written a comprehensive V-Fit MPTCR2 Recumbent Magnetic Cycle review which can be viewed below.

V-Fit MPTCR2 Exercise Bike Review

V-Fit MPTCR2 Magnetic Recumbent Exercise BikeThe V-Fit MPTCR2 Recumbent Magnetic Cycle exercise bike might be a mouthful to say, but in terms of affordability then it is one of the best choice cheapest recumbent exercise bike on the market.  Recumbent exercise bikes are fantastic for users who suffer from back problems or who have struggled to find an exercise bike weight threshold suitable for them.

Or it might be that you are simply someone who wants a higher quality ride, and to exercise in more comfort than that offered with a traditional upright exercise bike.

Stylish, Sturdy, and Effective

The V-Fit MPTCR2 is a stylish exercise bike constructed from a chip resistant silver frame with stylish panels which means not only does it look very good, but it also works very well and is top of our affordable cheap recumbent exercise bike reviews.  What we will say though is the V-Fit Recumbent exercise bike does require more effort than average to put together once it arrives.  Make sure you have someone to help you, because although the instructions are clear, you will need two pairs on hands and a couple of hours to spare in order to assemble it.

However, the wait is most definitely worth it.  The V-Fit Recumbent MPTCR2 is very study, and feels solid when you cycle on it.  The seat offers padded back support that it second to none compared to rival models, and once you’re sat in it  you can simply just stretch your legs out, pedal, and start to burn those calories and lose weight.

Helps with Cardio Vascular Exercise & Weight Loss

The V-Fit MPTCR2 Recumbent Magnetic Cycle really is very good for cardio vascular activity and if you purchase it we have put together some recumbent exercise bike workout routines to help you along the way.  It uses a 6kg cast iron flywheel and multi-plate magnetic system which means the cycling activity can be done quietly when you really push yourself against the motorised resistance.  The handlebars are also padded and has over-size, self balancing pedals with adjustable toe straps meaning it will suit all shapes, sizes, and ages.

LCD Monitor for Accurate Workout Data

If you want to step your exercise bike workout up a gear then you can take advantage of the large multi-function LCD computer screen and monitor that provides very accurate feedback on how you are exercising.  Data that you can monitor on the V-Fit MPTCR2 screen includes theoretical calories burned, your distance travelled, heart beat pulse (which is recorded via sensors in the handlebars), your speed of pedalling, and time elapsed during your session.

In addition to that work out data you can also access four different types of user settings, which include manual, heart rate control, and body fat measuring.  Plus with ten pre-set programmes you can be sure that you will be able to vary your exercise bike workout and never get bored.  If weight loss and general fitness levels are what you want to attain this year then we would highly recommend the V-Fit MPTCR2 Recumbent Magnetic Cycle exercise bike to buy today.

Product Features

  • Chip Resistant Silver Coloured Tubular Steel Main Frame and Handlebars
  • Recumbent Style Seated Action
  • 6kg Cast Iron Flywheel and Multi-Plate Magnetic System with Motorised Resistance Controller
  • Height and Reach Adjustable PU Saddle
  • Reach Adjustable Padded Handlebar with Hand Pulse Pads
  • Over-Size, Self Balancing Pedals with Adjustable Toe Straps
  • Single Screen Multi-Function LCD Exercise Monitor with Calorie (Theoretical Calorie Burn), Distance (Miles / Km), Handgrip Pulse (Beats / Minute), Speed (MPH / Kmh) and Time (Minutes and Seconds) Modes Featuring 4 User Settings, 1 Manual, 4 Heart Rate Control, 1 Bodyfat Measuring, 1 Watts Control and 10 Pre-Set User Programmes
  • Assembled Dimensions L 85cm x W 54cm x H 140cm x Wt 29.0kg
  • Maximum User Weight 110kg / 242lbs / 17.2 Stones

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