V-Fit Exercise Bike Reviews & Best Deals
The V-Fit range from Beny Sports are cheap exercise bikes. Read out full reviews, get the best prices, view our price comparison tables, and find out where to find the cheapest deals on V-Fit.

V-Fit MPTCR2 Programmable Recumbent Magnetic Cycle

V-Fit MPTCR2 Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

The V-Fit MPTCR2 is an affordable recumbent exercise bike designed with comfort, style, and function in mind. We have the cheapest online prices for this V-Fit cycle sourced from the leading online retailers plus have written an impartial review of this excellent indoor fitness cycle. [...Read More]

V-Fit MXC1 Folding X Frame Magnetic Cycle

V-Fit MCX1 Magnetic Folding Exercise Bike

We have the best online deals for the V-Fit MCX1, plus the cheapest prices, and price comparison of this magentic exercise bike. This is a portable and foldaway fitness cycle with six levels of resistance and can be purchase for under £80 so read our full review now. [...Read More]

V-Fit SC1-P Aerobic Training Cycle

V-Fit SC1-P Aerobic Spinning Bike

If you like spinning at the gym then this could be for you. The V-Fit SC1-P lets you replicate your spinning classes in the comfort of your own home. The bike itself is one of the sturdiest on the market and is made from heavy duty steel. Read our review and get the best prices. [...Read More]

V-Fit Triple Action Exercise Bike

V-Fit Triple Action Exercise Bike

The V-Fit Triple Action is a cheap exercise bike for under £80 but is still a reliable fitness trainer despite being pretty basic. It comes with rowing arms meaning you can also exercise you upper body. Read our review and see the best prices and price comparison. [...Read More]

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