Ultrafit Exercise Bike Ergometer Review & Cheap Deal Prices

This Ultrafit exercise bike is not the most feature rich of budget and cheap exercise bikes available to buy.  However, that does not mean you should discount it.
We think it’s actually quite stylish and comes with just enough functionality to match the price that you will end up paying for it.  We’ve listed the cheapest Ultrafit exercise bike prices on this page as well as an independent review to help you make your mind up.

Ultrafit Exercise Bike Ergometer Review

If we’re honest, it is best suited to the casual exerciser or a beginner who might want to use an exercise two or three times a week.  It will comfortably seat you and the saddle is fully adjustable meaning that it can used by the entire family – as the seat adjustments only take around thirty seconds to make.
Ultrafit Exercise Bike Ergometer
During your work out you can take advantage of the water bottle and water bottle holder that sit just under the handlebars.  It’s very handily placed and will come in useful for those cycles that you have planned for over ten minutes or longer.

Maximum User Weights and Data Read Outs

The maximum user weight for the Ultrafit Exercise Bike Ergometer is 150kg – meaning it will easily sit most type of users apart from people who are extremely overweight.  If you are very overweight we would recommend that you choose a recumbent exercise bike instead.

In terms of data read outs you will get a large multifunction LCD display which shows you how fast you are going plus some very handy aspects such as distance, calories, time, and the program setting that you are on.

Good Pre-Set Programs

The program settings and work outs are reasonably varied, giving you 16 different work outs in total, which for the price of the cheap Ultrafit exercise bike is actually very good when compared to other brands and models.  You should get some decent usage out of it too, because there are 16 different resistance levels ranging from the very easy to the very tough.

Like we said, the Ultrafit Exercise Bike Ergometer doesn’t come with all the fancy bells and whistles that other exercise bikes do, but in terms of performance it’s a good value stationary bike that does exactly what it says on the box.

Technical Features

  • HA-class, GS and CE approval
  • Large multifunction LCD display with display of a revolution per minute, speed, pulse, recovery, distance, calories burned, time, programs
  • 16 resistance levels (electronically adjustable)
  • High-class, comfortable saddle.
  • Vertical and horizontal adjustable saddle
  • Max. User weight up to 150kg
  • Energy consumption (shows kcal burned per day)
  • Fat burned per day in grams
  • 7 Day memory

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