Trixter X Dream Exercise Bike Review & Best Deals & Prices

For the cheapest Trixter X Dream exercise bike prices and a review of this high-end product then check out the price comparison table below plus our un-biased review.  We source the cheapest prices from the UK’s leading online retailers so you get the best deal on a Trixter X Bike.

Trixter X Dream Review

Trixter X Dream BikeThe Trixter X-Dream Bike is the first exercise bike on the market to simulate how it actually feels to be cycling outdoors.  In order to make it feel like you really are cycling outside, the Trixter comes with moving handlebars and cleated pedals.

The bikes itself is built by renowned manufacturer Giant, which all helps towards the realistic cycling experience.  We honestly don’t have anything bad to say about this bike, other than the price… although the cheapest online prices are listed above… it is expensive and not cheap.  But you pay what you get for the Trixter exercise bike will be one of the best purchases you have ever made.

Mountain Bike Simulator

Of course, it is very expensive so is designed for those with a serious budget.  But you pay your money and get some stunning features, top of which is the integrated computer which lets you take part in virtual mountain bike races in a variety of different settings, locations, and scenarios.  One of the most exciting features was the secret routes.  To get to them you have to do a variety of jumps in order to access them.  Great fun!  It’s more than an exercise bike… it is a mountain bike simulator.

Computer & TV Screen

Computer ScreenThe on-board computer links to the TV and lets you choose from a selection of 5 different bikes.  Each bike has different handling and characteristics so make sure you choose carefully depending on your ride.  You can also create your own version of you including your body shape, skin colour, and clothing.

Award Winning Product

The Trixter X Dream Bike won product of the year at the Maxim awards in 2008, and has been impressing home users and professional athletes ever since.  When you use the Xdream, your pedaling movements and body positioning is shown on the Monitor screen which shows you in the virtual mountain biking world.

There are sensors on the X Dream that trigger the on-screen simulations.  With SPD pedals for cycling shoes to make the exercise feel authentic, it comes with 5 bikes that can be used for exercising. There are several modes to choose from as well—like that of the quick start, Xdream fitness mode, group ride mode (multiplayer) and training mode.

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