Star Trac S-Series Recumbent Bike S-RB Review & Cheap Deals

The Star Trac Recumbent exercise bike is one of the most luxurious and expensive indoor fitness cycles on the market today for those with a large budget.  It is a stationary exercise bike and is very similar to the high-end models you might find in a members’ gym.  For effective weight loss and cardio-vascular activity then the Star Trac is a very exclusive piece of fitness equipment.

Star Trac S-Series Recumbent Bike S-RB Review

But please note you will be paying a premium price for the Star Trac, and it doesn’t come cheap.  Although our price comparison table will show you the cheapest price available on the market.  Our prices are updated daily by the leading online retailers so the prices above are the best deals and cheapest Star Trac S-RB Prices.
Star Trac S-Series S-RB Spinning Bike

It is designed as a professional athlete’s exercise bike

The Star Trac SRB irecumbent exercise bike is used by athletes and physical therapy professionals, and the reason being because this product really does get results.  It is a stationary exercise bike that was produced to help the training of biking enthusiasts and athletes.  That’s not to say that a home user should not purchase one though.  If you are looking for a really efficient workout resulting in strengthening of your legs and more pronounced lower abdominals then the Star Trac could be for you.

Do you need an exercise bike for a larger person?

The design of a Star Trac exercise bike makes it possible to undertake physical therapy that would literally be impossible using a typical upright exercise bike design.  The bike is sturdy and designed for the optimum workout and can take a very heavy load.

If you are a larger person looking for an exercise bike and have found your options to be limited then the recumbent frame on this model will suit you.  On the Star Trac S-Series you can sit comfortably in a more traditional chair sitting position.

What are the special features on the Star Trac S-RB?

The Star Trac exercise bike dynamically adjusts the resistance of the pedals as you start to progress through your workout.  This automatic adjustment means the user will work a lot harder and the bike will almost start to work against you – but in a positive way!  In addition to that the heart rate monitor constantly watches your vitals and looks for signs in your data that will make the bike adjust the resistance and ask you for workout improvements.  It really is very clever.

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