Star Shaper KC143 Exercise Bike Review & Best Prices

If you want to buy the Star Shaper KC143 then make sure you read our Star Shaper KC143 review first.  We also have the best prices, cheapest deals, and a price comparison chart for this exercise bike below.  The cheap Star Shaper KC143 prices are all listed from the leading fitness cycle retailers.

Cheap Star Shaper kc143 exercise bikeCheap Starshaper KC143

The Star Shaper KC143 exercise bike is a cheap model but comes with enough features to help those who want a beginners’ cheap exercise bike to help them lose weight and burn some calories.

It was assembled and built within 40 minutes, and is a quiet bike as it is not particularly big or cumbersome.  It’s pretty portable given the size dimensions and can be stored very easily.  It best suits people who are under five foot seven, the computer monitor is battery powered and batteries are included on this one!

Star Shaper KC143 Review

Yes it is a cheap exercise bike, and there are plenty on the market, all of which have a couple of downsides.  The negatives on this model were that after a cycling for around 30 minutes we did find it was getting a little uncomfortable so ended up putting a cushion on the seat.

But to be fair, if you are looking to buy the Starshaper KC143 exercise bike then you are most likely a beginner and will not be doing mammoth fitness sessions on this bike.  You will be able to lose weight with the Starshaper KC143 as a beginner.

Resistance Levels

The resistance levels on the Star Shaper are not as tough as on higher priced models, but should suffice if you are new to exercise and simply want to get started.

Product Features

  • Adjustable saddle height
  • Adjustable resistance levels
  • Foot pedals with straps
  • Computer monitors: Time, Speed, Distance, Calories Used and Scan
  • Maximum user weight: 100 kg
  • Dimensions: 110cm H x 82cm L x 51cm W

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