Reebok ZR7 Exercise Bike Review and Best Prices

Reebok ZR7 Exercise Bike

I am not one with a lot of faith in compact exercise bikes, but the Reebok ZR7 Exercise Bike pleasantly surprised me with its sturdy design and remarkable set of top of the line functions and features. At 32kg it is by no means a “lightweight” and I liked the stability that this heaviness offered. I also appreciated that it set up quickly and allowed me to make plenty of adjustments to the comfortable saddle.

Though it does use a classic bike saddle, it is by no means an uncomfortable ride. I did my typical sixty-plus minute workout on this bike and found it to be comfortable throughout. When another rider uses the bike, the easily adjustable slide for the seat means that good form is possible for people of all heights, though there is a 120kg weight limit for this bike. The handlebars adjust as well, and help to encourage proper postures and positions.

The Functions of the Reebok ZR7 Exercise Bike

There are many reasons that I would recommend this bike. It begins with the 7kg flywheel that ensures smooth operation and which responds well to the eight different manually controlled resistance settings. I found my workouts to be easy to control and yet I also got the level of training I required. One “downside” was that adjustments are not easy “on the fly” and I had to stop to dial in any changes.

The easy to use LCD display (battery powered for convenience) let me easily monitor my speed, RPM, distance, time, and calories. The pulse function on the handlebars also allowed me to track my pulse on the LCD display too. I really liked that the display on the Reebok ZR7 Exercise Bike provided me with options for dialling in target distances, times, calories, and more. This ensured that any of my workouts were as challenging as possible.

Reebok ZR7 consoleSomething that few lightweight bikes offer is a “recovery test”, but this one has this amazing feature. It gauges the level of fitness from Below Average to Excellent based on the measurements taken during the recovery phase of the ride.

Additional Features of the Reebok ZR7 Exercise Bike

In addition to the optimal features, this bike also has an impressive two year warranty on parts and labour. It features well balanced pedals for optimal safety and performance, and these are fitted with adjustable straps to keep you safe during even the most aggressive ride. The transport wheels mounted to the frame allow you to relocate the bike easily for optimal storage and convenience, and its compact size makes it a good fit for even a small flat or exercise space.

All in all, I would say that this fitness cycle easily measures up to its manufacturer’s name and reputation. It is a durable and well designed unit that can help you to challenge yourself and to continually build on your experiences. If you need a reliable workout tool, the Reebok ZR7 Exercise Bike is a good choice.

Product Features

  •  Resistance: 8 Resistance Levels (Manually-Controlled).
  • Console: Single LCD.
  • Programmes: Manual programmes (target time, distance, calories) + recovery test.
  • Dimensions: Length=92cm (36.2″), Width=52cm (20.5″), Height=133cm (52.4″).
  • Maximum User Weight: 120kg (265lbs).
  • Transportation: Transportation Wheels.
  • Warranty: 2 Years Parts and Labour.

The Reebok ZR7 Exercise Bike is currently unavailable so check out the Reebok ZR8 Exercise Bike

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