Reebok Z9 Exercise Bike Review and Best Prices


Looking for an affordable, compact, and yet top rated exercise bike can be a challenge that is conquered by the Reebok Z9 Exercise Bike. Not only is it a remarkably well designed bike that is suited for all levels of fitness, but it is so jammed with features that it is a bike that can meet a rider’s needs for many years to come.

The Design of the Reebok Z9 Exercise Bike

The bike arrived partially assembled and took only moments to put together. The transport wheels and battery powered LCD computer meant that I could put this bike in any part of the room. It is not a light weight machine and comes in at a hefty 32kg. Oddly enough, it is so balanced and well designed that you don’t sense this as you relocate it from place to place.

The tremendously comfortable saddle is totally adjustable as are the comfortable handlebars. This meant I kept proper form while still being able to easily read the backlit display.

The Top Rated Features of the Reebok Z9 Exercise BikeReebok Z9 Exercise Bike

While comfort and good design are obviously key features in any exercise bike, the functions of the Reebok Z9 Exercise Bike are another standout feature. The computer has 32 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance. This means that the 17 different programs can be made as easy or as challenging as the rider requires. The effects of any workout can also be measured accurately and in “real time” thanks to the efficient computer.

The LCD monitor lets the rider keep tabs on their RPM, distance, speed, time, calories burnt, and even their heart rate. This last measure is achieved through the use of special pulse sensors in the handles. These can be used throughout the workout or to give spot readings. The handlebars also allow the use of the recovery test feature as well, and this is something that all bikes should feature.

The recovery feature lets the rider gauge if they are in Excellent to Poor condition based on the rate at which their pulse and other measurements recover from a brisk workout, and this is very useful when training.

The Design of the Bike

In addition to the good features and functions of the bike, it also offers a 9kg flywheel that ensures fluid movement and stability. The pedals are also balanced and use adjustable straps to ensure you remain firmly in position throughout the ride too.

The saddle is comfortable and I was able to do my regular hour-long ride as well as a few two hour treks without any sense of discomfort. That is a rare thing on a stationary bike and is one of the reasons that this model is consistently seen as a top rated unit.

I was also surprised at the two year warranty on parts and labour, which told me that Reebok really stands behind its exercise bikes. So, if you are looking for a good bike to use for advanced or beginner rides, the Reebok Z9 Exercise Bike will provide you with many years of excellent experiences.

Product Features

  • Flywheel: 9 kg (20lbs), 32 Levels of Computer Controlled Magnetic Resistance, Balanced Pedals
  • Console: LCD Backlit
  •  Feedback: Time, Speed, RPM, Distance, Calories, Pulse, Watt
  • 17 Programmes+Recovery Test
  •  HR Measurement: Handgrip Sensors, Adjustable Seat;
  •  Max. User Weight: 120kg (265lbs), Product Weight: 32.5kg (72lbs);
  • Size: L= 92cm (36.2″), W= 52cm (20.5″), H= 133cm (52.4″)
  •  Warranty: 2 Years Parts and Labour

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