The Green Microgym that Converts Exercise Bike Energy to Electricity

A gym in Portland is using a novel way in which to get their customers fit, whilst also letting them do their bit for the environment. This initiative goes by the name of the Green Microgym and was actually first invented in Hong Kong a couple of years ago.

However, Adam Boesel’s gym in Portland USA is now the latest place to start converting its customers work outs into energy that can be used to help power appliances in the gym.

The idea is simple. The Boesel Green Microgym connects its exercise bikes up so that the miles pedalled are converted into energy – and that electricity is then used to power electrical items in the gym such as the music system or DVD players. The owner of the gym, Adam Boesel said:

“Clients pedal more than enough to keep the tunes playing and, in fact, would be able to run the lights as well, if we could figure out a way to transfer the energy from the bikes to the circuit box!”

Inside the Green Microgym are signs that tell the customers how they can get the best use of the exercise bikes that power the electricity, and have other energy saving ideas.

Whilst Adam Boesel wasn’t able to say how many watts of energy the Green Microgym was saving and producing he did state that the exercise bikes are what they represent were “pretty cool”. Either way we think it’s a great initiative and maybe one day all gyms will be powered this way.

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