New Fitness Trends & Crazes for 2012

Fitness and health are two areas where we’re constantly seeing new crazes, technologies and developments pop up, and it’s always exciting to see the latest ways people are getting fit and having fun at the same time (ehem…. Zumba, anyone?).  In addition, with the popularity and availability of personal training courses continuing to grow, it’s great to see how so many people are becoming so passionate about fitness!

Running to Keep Fit

With 2012 completely in the swing of things, here’s our roundup of the latest fitness crazes popping up around the world this year:

Gyms at Airports

So you have a three-hour stopover at an airport and don’t want to sit around in the food court, flicking through your magazine for the hundredth time? Well, what if you could pull on your exercise tights and jogging shoes, and pop in for a quick workout while you wait for your connecting flight?

This is exactly what many travellers in the USA can already do. San Francisco International Airport has just unveiled a new yoga room within one of its terminals, and at Los Angeles International Airport, there’s an 18-hole golf course, as well as yoga and tai chi in the LAX Flag Courtyard. We hope this trend spreads to more airports all over the globe, as the health benefits are clear – exercise between flights could mean reduced risk of blood clots, as well as improved mood and general sense of wellbeing. We like!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

We’ve been hearing about this one for a while, but stand up paddle boarding has well and truly taken off as a way to get fit and have a bunch of fun. All you really need is a relatively calm water surface, your board, a paddle and your energy (a pair of swimmers and sunscreen would be useful too, of course) It’s an all-over body workout – it tones your core because you have to balance on the board, while at the same time you work out your arms and shoulders to paddle yourself around. There’s also an extra stomach muscle workout boost if you decide to go with a group of friends and you start pushing each other over for a laugh!

Paddle Boarding Craze


Have you noticed how going for a run has suddenly gotten a lot more high tech? These days, lacing up your runners and heading out just doesn’t cut it anymore – not with all the new gadgets, services and apps available to truly help you reach your fitness goals. For example, users at gym chain Anytime Fitness can use a new app, ‘Anytime Health’ to calculate the calories they’re burning, watch workout videos, and get exclusive advice and tips from trainers. Another one of our favourites is the Nike Training Club app. Available for free on iTunes, it’s got a whole series of set workouts designed to help you work out more efficiently – whether you love doing cardio, stretching, or muscle building workouts.

Techno Fitness Woman

So, for those trying to get fit, there are a whole range of fun new trends cropping up in the exercise world. Keep your fitness regime more interesting and give one of them a go.

What’s the most interesting or bizarre new fitness trend you’ve heard of lately?

Author Bio: Sarah Paige is a freelance writer who is interested in health and wellbeing. Sarah hopes to soon undertake a number of personal training courses so she can continue sharing her passion for fitness with others.

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