The GAMEBike – Use an Exercise Bike with your Playstation

The GAMEBikeCan you imagine how easy it would be to keep your kids fit if they loved to use an exercise bike just as much as they liked playing on the PlayStation or XBox? 

That time is now as some cunning inventors have created a way of exercising whilst using a PlayStation, and this new invention is called the GAMEBike.

Play your Playstation with an Exercise Bike

The GAMEBike is a device which can convert an exercise bike into a game controller.  It’s a dead simple concept, and can even be used by ordinary bicycles as the front bike wheel sits on the GAMEBike platform where a sensor will measure the tyre speed.  Check out the video below to see the exercise bike being used with a Playstation… it’s a novel idea and certainly adds a new dimension to getting the family fit whilst still playing their favourite PS2 games.

Predicting the Effects of Interactive Video Bikes on Exercise Adherence

A recent study even suggested that interactive exercise bike games like this will help people to exercise more as they find it a lot more fun.  The article is called Predicting the Effects of Interactive Video Bikes on Exercise Adherence, and used GAMEBikes as part of their investigation.  An abstract from the article states that:

“The bottom-line: the men who trained on the GameBikes were more likely to stick to the exercise regime. They attended an average of 77 per cent of the sessions compared with 42 per cent of participants in the low-tech control condition.”

In essence what they were sayining was the experience of the GAMEBike was a lot more enjoyable which in turn led to an increase in positive mental energy, as opposed using a traditional and standard exercise bike.

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