Five Essential Pieces of Sports Equipment for Schools

School Exercise EquipmentPhysical education, as a core part of the educational curriculum, is highly important for children of all ages. Sporting equipment is therefore an essential requirement for any school or learning establishment.

Every school in the country should ensure that they have a wide range of basic equipment for their pupils and students, with the following items high up on the list of sports equipment must-haves.

1. Balls

The quintessential item of sports equipment, this should always be top of the list for schools looking to make a worthwhile investment into physical education. Balls are a fundamental part of the majority of schoolyard games and no PE lesson is complete without them.

It is important to remember that balls are available for both generic and specific purposes. For example, smaller plastic balls can be used for multiple purposes, including simple throwing and catching exercises whilst other balls, such as footballs, basketballs and tennis balls, will be designed for use in certain games.

2. Skipping

Another popular activity for children, the art of skipping is one that will keep children active and entertained. There are a couple of varieties of skipping available and schools should be sufficiently prepared to offer their pupils access to all of these.

The first variety is that of independent skipping. This can be conducted with a standard skipping rope or more modern versions known as Ankle Skipping Ropes. These are made of an ankle ring and a small plastic ball attached to a rope, giving independent skipping a new format.

The other main variety is that of group skipping – also known as double-dutch. This requires a much longer rope and encourages teamwork and social interaction, making it a worthy addition to any playground.

3. Apparatus

Of course, schools sports are designed to provide children with practical skills whilst improving their fitness and giving them a chance to enjoy themselves. For this reason it is important that apparatus or playground equipment is invested in. This is available in numerous varieties: from elaborate climbing-frames to simple painted hopscotch patterns and tyre parks. It is important that schools offer a range of equipment that is targeted at relevant age groups: relevant court outlines are an essential addition for all school yards, too.

4. Toys

For younger children, items such as scooters, bicycles and other mobile toys are also a great addition. Learning to ride a bike or scooter is a great way for children to develop skills of balance and co-ordination – vital skills needed for their future development. Always ensure that relevant safety equipment, such as helmets, are purchased alongside these items to keep pupils well protected.

5. Clothing

No set of games equipment would be complete without clothing, and teamwear is a vital piece of equipment for any school. This allows sporting activities to be played with greater ease, allowing pupils to be split into clearly defined teams. This will not only help them to develop skills in teamwork but will also allow children to gain a sense of shared identity within a group, prompting personal development

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