Kettler Servo 800 Exercise Bike Review and Cheap Deals

The Kettler Servo 800 exercise bike review below is one of our newest additions to Exercise Bike Planet and we’ve spent the last week testing this stationary exercise bike out.

Read on below for not only the best and cheapest Kettler prices, but also our comprehensive review of this mid-range priced exercise bike.  The cheapest online price for the Kettler Servo 800 is on Amazon so click the link you see to the right of this page to pick up a bargain today.

Kettler Servo 800 Exercise Bike Review

Before you read any further let us tell you that we give this Kettler upright stationary bike four and half stars out of ten – and this is why.  When it first arrived on the doorstep we were pleasantly surprised at how compact the packaging was and could not believe that an exercise bike could actually exist inside this box.

Kettler Servo 800 Upright Exercise BikeBut once un-wrapped everything became clear.  The Kettler Servo 800 comes in a kit format, but don’t let that put you off.  If you have someone to help you then assembly will be quick – although you should be able to do it by yourself in around half an hour to forty minutes.

Please note that the Kettler Servo 800 exercise bike is mains-powered so you will need a plug socket somewhere near wherever it is that you set the exercise bike up.  There are small transport wheels though, so you can wheel the bike from room to room or until you find the best position to suit you and your home.

Comfort Levels of the Kettler Servo 800 exercise bike

It’s not the most comfortable saddle we’ve experienced on an exercise bike, but this was after we had done a few 2 hour sessions on it.  It was around the hour mark that we started to feel a bit uncomfortable – but then most people will be doing work out sessions on the Kettler probably in smaller chunks that than.

If you are a beginner to exercise bikes and want to work out three or four times a week then you probably won’t experience any discomfort.

The seat itself can be adjusted not only up and down but also to the front and back.  Our friend who often has back problems was able to set the Kettler up to the optimum setting for him and didn’t experience any back problems with this exercise bike – which was a first for him.

Working Out with the Kettler LCD Computer Display

Kettler 800 Exercise Bike LCD Computer DisplayThere’s a rather neat computer console on the Kettler 800, and it’s a lot better than almost every single exercise bike in this price range.  It includes eight different work out programs all of which come with varying levels of difficulty.

By using the on-board display you will be able to track how far and how hard you are cycling, and then use this to motivate yourself to get fitter and burn more calories than the next time you use the Kettler Servo 800 exercise bike.

If you don’t fancy the pre-programmed work outs or just fancy doing your own thing then you will be impressed like we were by the 16 different levels of electronic resistance.

In addition to that there are hand pulse sensors in the handlebars.  This means that your heart rate will be fed to the LCD display computer and let the bike calculate how many calories you are burning and how hard you are working out.

The Kettler Parts and Labour Warranty Guarantees

Kettler exercise bikes are made in Germany, and the Kettler Servo 800 is of typical German design.  In other words it sturdy, reliable, and the manufacturer will also offer a three years parts and labour warranty with this exercise bike for peace of mind.

Who Will the Kettler Servo 800 Best Suit?

In our mind this is a great exercise bike for the beginner who is looking to start a fitness regime, or the more seasoned fitness fanatic who want to work out in hour chunks up to five times a week.

It’s quite unusual to have an exercise bike in this price range that covers those range of user types, but that’s exactly what the Kettler Servo 800 exercise bike: A good value for money, well built, home exercise machine.

It does have a maximum user weight of 130kg so if you are heavier than that then we would recommend that you look at buying a recumbent exercise bike instead.  Recumbent models are best suited for people with back  aches and strains and who are looking to overcome any larger than average weight issues.

The Kettler Parts and Labour Warranty Guarantees

  • Electronic resistance with 16 varying levels to keep challenging you as you progress in your training. Gravity Pedals With Straps For Comfort.
  • Backlit console with 8 programmes including heart rate control.4 user memory. Adjustable inclination of handlebar with integrated hand pulse receiver for precise measurement.
  • Transport Castors at front of bike, height adjustment at rear. Seat can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. Bike has a motor controlled magnetic brake system.
  • Servo 800 Dimensions in cm: Length: 105 x Width: 60 x Height: 142. Max User Weight: 130kg. Flywheel Weight: 9kg
  • Manufacturers Product Warranty: 3 Years Parts & Labour Warranty, This Service Is Included With The Kettler  Servo 800 Exercise Bike.

The Kettler Servo 800 exercise bike has been replaced by the Kettler Cycle P Premium Exercise Bike

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