What are the Best Exercise Bikes for Weight Loss?

If you are looking to lose weight with an exercise bike then you will want to know what exercise bike is best for helping with a weight loss program and burning the most calories.  At Exercise Bike Planet we pride ourselves on being experts on indoor fitness cycles and always want to make sure the customers on our website get the best advice possible.

Upright exercise bikes are best for weight loss

Upright Exercise BikeWithout a doubt the best types of exercise bikes for losing weight are upright exercise bikes.  There are plenty on the market and they offer a better work out than recumbent exercise bikes do.  The reason behind this is because you as a user are in an upright sitting position pedalling in a downwards motion – in other words just like on an outdoor bicycle.  Because your arms are out-stretched too it means your upper body gets the benefit of your work out too.

Recumbent exercise bikes are great for very overweight people or those with bad back problems because they offer better support to the back.  However, the opportunity to work the upper body is not as evident as an upright exercise bike.

Read the technical specifications

When you read the exercise bike reviews on our website, plus always take care to read the technical specification at the bottom of each review.  You will see the maximum weight that the exercise bike can take, and if you fall under that threshold always go for the upright exercise bikes – they will generally work your body harder and lead to quicker weight loss and calories burn.

We have plenty of cheap exercise bike reviews on the website so make sure you check through them all, plus we’ve featured a selection of the best models and brands below if you want to make a quick and easy choice.  Buying a cheap exercise bike to lose weight has never been easier so good luck!

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