How to Lose Weight with an Exercise Bike

An upright exercise bikeAre you asking yourself “can I lose weight with an exercise bike“?  The answer is, of course you can!  Do you want to get fit with an exercise bike? Do you want a fitness program you can run at home?  Is weight loss one of your goals?  If you’re answering yes to these questions then read the Exercise Bike Planet’s guide on how to lose weight with an exercise bike.

Weight Loss & Getting Fit with an Exercise Bike

Gym memberships are expensive, and some people don’t feel comfortable spending time in the gym to burn off calories.  With an exercise bike it’s up to you how much you want to train and what times you do it.  The beginner’s guide to Exercise Bike Weight Loss will help you along the way. 

1. Find and Buy the Best Exercise Bike for you

There are so many exercise bikes on the market at the moment, that it can be extremely difficult to find the and buy the best one for you.  Exercise Bike Planet can help you to choose the best fitness cycle for your weight loss program. Exercise Bikes generally come in two different types:

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Recumbent exercise bikes are best suited to users that are suffering from a back problems, bad backs, or might be extremely overweight.  When you sit in a recumbent exercise bike you will be set in a laid-back and reclined position. This means that any stresses on your back and knees will be easier to manage because of your sitting position.  Most recumbent cyclists use this type of exercise bike design for ergonomic reasons as their size and weight is comfortably evenly distributed over a bigger space area and they are supported by back and buttocks. 

Upright Exercise Bikes

These are the more common models, and they let you get fit and cycle in the more traditional standard upright cycling position.  Due to the position you exercise in you will feel more benefit in the leg and bottom areas as they get worked harder.  Being in the upright position also means it’s easier for you to watch TV and read whilst you cycle.
Don't go too fast too soon

2. Don’t Go Too Fast or Over Do It

We don’t want you injuring yourself.  It’s easy to be too ambitious at the start of an exercise weight loss program so make sure you are realistic about what you can achieve.  Setting targets is a must, but just don’t over-stretch yourself too soon.

Start out slowly and you will find that you will have a better chance of achieving your long-term targets. Going from no exercise at all to perhaps ten minute cycle workouts with little resistance means that you have a better chance of avoiding injury.

Most exercise bikes come with pre-set fitness programs so you will be able to start on a low-level setting and let the bike help you to build up and burn calories at a sensible rate. 

All you need to do it try a little bit of exercise every day, and then build-up to longer and harder rides.  We recommend you aim for small exercise bike work-outs first. Ten minute chunks are best, and in no time at all you will be cycling for up to 20 minute.

3. Be prepared and drink plenty of water when cycling! 

Don't dehydrateWe know this sounds obvious doesn’t it but keep yourself fully hydrated when cycling with an exercise bike.  This is particularly important for people who have not exercised in year or are beginners.

Having a towel at hand too is an essential.  No matter how fit you are, you are going to generate some sweat.  Having a towel within reach will mean you can easily wipe your hands and brow.

Above all just make sure you are prepared.

4. Watch TV on your Exercise Bike… listen to music or read

You’re looking to buy an Exercise Bike because you want to get fit and lose weight in the comfort of your own home. It’s not always going to be enjoyable and losing weight with an exercise bike isn’t always going to be the easiest thing in the World.

With that in mind, let’s make things easier for ourselves and watch TV whilst we cycle.  You will soon find that the miles and kilometres seem to go a lot faster when you mind is pre-occupied on something else.

A lot of exercise bike also come with a rack on them which has been specifically designed to rest either a book or a magazine on.  Failing that plug your iPod in and pump those pedals whilst listening to your favourite tracks.  If we could recommend one style of music for exercising to it would be hard house.  We’ve put a list of sample albums together here which we recommend. 

5. You will need a Positive Mental Attitude

You can do it!Visualise your goals, targets, and aims and what you want to achieve with an exercise bike.  You get back what you put in and losing weight with an exercise bike will not happen overnight. As with all types of fitness programs please make sure you do a quick stretching session before each cycle workout and build up your routines slowly.

Perhaps cut a picture out of magazine of someone who has the figure you want to attain as motivation… but keep it realistic!

Be prepared to put the work in!

Also please think about a diet plan in partnership with your Exercise Bike routines.  Both will complement each other and you will see the difference a lot quicker.

6. Choosing an Exercise Bike that’s Right for You

We’ve already touched on this at the beginning of the article so you should have a reasonable idea of what bike you are going to go for.

For most beginners on a budget we would recommend an entry-level exercise bike such as the York C101 Cycle which is an upright exercise bike

However, there are a wide-range of different models to suit all budgets available on this website so please make sure you browse the categories.

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