Exercise Bike Guides & Handy Hints

Find out to lose weight with an exercise bike, buyers guides, weight loss tips, burn calories, and we'll also help you understand what the best exercise bike for you is.

What is the Difference Between a Spinning Bike and an Exercise Bike?

The difference between a spinning bike and an exercise bike

What is the difference between an exercise bike and a spinning bike. Check out this short overview which will help you decide what the best product is for you. Learn about spinning bikes versus exercise bikes and all their differences before you buy. [...Read More]

Spinning Routines for Beginners

Spinning Bike Routines

If you are a beginner to spinning then try out our spinning routines for beginners which are designed to help you get fit and burn calories at home. This routine is designed to last for 35 minutes and should help you to burn at least 400 calories. [...Read More]

Folding Exercise Bike Reviews

V-Fit MCX1 Magnetic Folding Exercise Bike

We have reviewed many foldable and folding exercise bikes so that you can get the best prices, cheapest deals, and choose the ideal indoor fitness cycle to suit your budget and size – folding exercise bikes are very portable and can be stored in a cupboard! [...Read More]

Second Hand Exercise Bikes – Why Buy?

York C302 Diamond Cycle

There are a number of second hand exercise bikes available but we would recommend instead that you buy a cheap exercise bike and we’ve put together this short guide and overview together so that you can choose the best fitness cycle to suit you, your aims plus budget. [...Read More]

Spinning Bike Workout Routines

Spinning Class

If you own or are thinking of buying a spinning bike to use at home then you might want to try out interval training. It is a great way to burn calories and lose fat and is designed to help you get the best from your spinning bike. Read on for a quick routine plus video to get you started. [...Read More]

Hints and Tips on Buying a Cheap Spinning Bike

Spinning Class

You will find that there are a lot of options when buying a cheap spinning bike. When shopping for spinning or exercise bikes there are a number of factors you should take into account including space, budgets, and weight. Read our quick overview to help you buy a cheap spinning bike. [...Read More]

What are the Best Exercise Bikes for Weight Loss?

Lose weight with an exercise bike

Without a doubt the best types of exercise bikes for losing weight are upright exercise bikes. The reason behind this is because you as a user are in an upright sitting position. Read our short and easy to understand guide on the best exercise bikes to help you lose weight. [...Read More]

Recumbent Exercise Bike Workout Routines

Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you are using a recumbent exercise bike as part of your fitness program then you could be looking for some new work out routines. Here are a few ideas we have developed to help you get the best from your recumbent exercise bike as part of a fitness program. [...Read More]

Vibration Exercise Machine – Do They Work?

Vibration Power Plate Exercise Machine

You’ve seen them in the gym, and probably been a little bit embarrassed to actually try them out, but I bet you’ve wondered whether they actually work or not? Our quick guide tells you everything you need to know including some cheap price options. [...Read More]

Clipless Pedals on an Exercise Bike

Shimano Clipless Pedals

Many of our customers ask us whether or not it is possible to use clipless pedals on an exercise bike. If you are a keen outdoor cycler then you might be using a stationary bike indoors and want the ability to pedal the same style on both bikes. [...Read More]

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