Exercise Bike Reviews

If you are looking for cheap exercise bikes or just want a great deal on an exercise bike, then Exercise Bike Planet is the best online resource.  Our exercise bike reviews are comprehensive, giving you everything you need to know about these fitness cycles. 

We have tested and ridden all of these exercise bikes as we work in the fitness trade.  You can be sure you’re getting the right information about the right deal for you.  We can help you find the best exercise bike for you at the right price.

Exercise Bike Fitness Plans

We also have written a lot of articles for you to help you get fit with an exercise bike.  These include the Health Benefits, How To Lose Weight, and a Buyers Guide.  Start looking around the website and we are sure you will find the right product for you at the right price.

Exercise Bike Reviews & Brands

Here are all the exercise bike brands that we review on the website.  Click into a brand to read the full reviews and get the best prices and price comparison charts.

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