Bremshey Recumbent Ergometer Cardio Control Exercise Bike Review

This is our Bremshey recumbent exercise bike review which has been tested by our un-biased review team.  We have also found all the cheapest Bremshey Cardio Control ER Recumbent Cycle exercise bike prices meaning you can get the best online deals today.  Our recumbent excercise bike review can be seen below.

Bremshey Recumbent Ergometer Control Exercise Bike Review

Bremshey Cardio Control Recumbent Exercise BikeThis Bremshey Cardio Control ER Recumbent Cycle is one of the most popularrecumbent exercise bikes on the market and consistently comes top of customer reviews on websites live Amazon… and it’s easy to see why.

It combines comfort and functionality and is a cheap recumbent exercise bike with prices typically around the under £500 mark.

Comfortable Recumbent Exercise Bike for Cardio

Recumbent exercise bikes suit users with a history of back problems, joint aches and pains, or who are overweight and cannot find an upright exercise bike that will accommodate their weight threshold.  And that’s exactly what the Bremshey recumbent does as it lets you sit in a reclined position on a very comfortable saddle with your legs outstretched in front of you.  The backrest and seat is attached to a light glide system letting you quickly adjust the Bremshey recumbent exercise bike to suit different users.

Bremshey Cardio Control Recumbent Bike with LCD Computer

Bremshey LCD ComputerIn terms of data feedback, the included LCD monitor also synchronises with a chest strap (sold separately) and the in-built hand pulse sensors to show you accurate heart rate measurement as you cycle.  Having this kind of feedback on your workout is essential if you are to achieve your fitness goals – and the Bremshey Recumbent Ergometer Control bike lets you do this.

Varied Work Outs to Keep You Fit

You will be able to access eighteen different work out settings and challenges as you measure the duration of your ride plus distance, speed, RPM, and calories you are burning.  By just using a recumbent exce4rcise bike for 30 minutes a day you will soon see a marked different in your fitness levels.

Easy to Use and Control

In terms of the nuts and bolts aspects to the Bremshey Ergometer exercise bike, this model includes an electronically adjustable magnetic brake and a 13kg flywheel – what this means in simple terms is that you will be able to remain in control of your cycling whilst effectively working the lower half of your body for the maximum calorie burning effect.

Easily Moved and is Portable Between Rooms

For portability you should know that it connects into the mains socket using a standard UK plug, and also comes with small lockable transport wheels so you can move it between rooms with ease.

Overall we would give this recumbent exercise bike four out of five stars.  It is cheap and affordable compared to other models and brands.  The in-built training profiles will let you raise your fitness levels and motivate yourself to do better on a daily basis.  The bike itself is easy to assemble and move around and would be a valuable home training aid to anybody wanting to get healthier this year.

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