Body Sculpture BC1510 Exercise Bike Review & Best Prices

If you are looking to buy the Body Sculpture BC1510 exercise bike then please read our full review below.  We’ve also found the and most competitive prices which you can see below.  This a cheap exercise bike review at good price.

Body Sculpture BC1510 Exercise Bike Review

Cheap Body Sculpture BC1510 exercise bikeThe BC1510 Exercise Bike is a compact fitness cycle and extremely easy to put together out of the box.  It is simple to use and a reasonable quality than you might expect for a cheap exercise bike in this price range.  If you are an expert cycler then this won’t be the exercise bike for you, but for those wanting to get fit just a couple of times a week then this bike will help you to lose weight.  This is a good purchase when compared to similar priced exercise bikes.

Buy Cheap Body Sculpture BC1510 Exercise Bike

It’s a sturdy exercise bike that can let the whole family workout and comes with an adjustable saddle height and adjustable tension to suit the user. It is neat and compact and will be ideal for those wanting to do a couple of cardiovascular workouts every week.  And of course as an upright exercise bike it will help you to tone your legs

Data-wise the Body Sculpture BC1510 comes with a 5 function computer which will be fine for entry level fitness, and this multi-display monitor lets you evaluate your workout.  The data readouts include time, speed, distance, calories burnt.

This is not an exercise bike that uses magnetic resistance, instead the resistance is controlled manually by a strap around the flywheel.  If you want a quieter bike with magnetic resistance then please check exercise bikes for under £200.  There are no pre-set programmes with the BC1510 exercise bike, but it is ideal for new fitness enthusiasts who want the price to be a minimum.

Features of the BC1510

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Max user weight: 100kg
  • Manual resistance which is adjustable
  • High quality rubber belt for extra durability
  • Deluxe saddle for more comfort
  • Adjustable handlebars and saddle

The Body Sculpture BC1510 Exercise Bike has been replaced by the BC1700 Exercise Bike

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